reACTION-To act in response to a prompting (the current). To act in opposition to a former condition

The “reConnected Church” reacting and responding to the current and former conditions of the Church with a sense of urgency and responsibility. 

There are 7 key compounds in which reAction will focus its efforts.

Compound #1

COALITION of church and student ministries in and around San Antonio:

•To initiate amongst English speaking Hispanic, Baptist congregations
•To include multi-cultural and multi-denominational connections with Anglo, African American, Latin American, Asian, etc. congregations
Compound #2
CONVICTION of ministries working together for a common purpose:

•Network / Brotherhood
•Intentional connections between congregations and student ministries
•Development of genuine relationships amongst ministers and leaders
Compound #3
COLLABORATION of efforts in actively pursing kingdom building projects among churches:
•Intentional support of the local Body’s efforts, events, and outreaches
•Strategic placement of activities throughout the year that communicate to our city that Jesus is still the hope for this world
•“God Belongs In My City”- 9/10/2011
Compound #4
CONJUNCTION of talents, creativity, innovation, gifts, skills, and passion:
•Training in leadership skills to enhance church ministries (communication, media, worship, outreach, student groups, home groups, etc.)
•Roundtable for pastors/student ministers to discuss relevant topics and issues (vision, evangelism, discipleship, etc.)
Compound #5
A response to a spiritual CROSSROADS:
•What has become our reality?
•*Note current trend statistics

Crossroads Stats 

•25 (K)+ Atheists/Agnostics in Universities and Colleges •

1 Million + Hispanic Muslims

•50 % of Americans – Secular Humanists

•75-80% of U.S. Youth Do Not Attend Church.

•70% Believe There Is No Moral Truth

•70% of LDS Has Increased In Numbers- SBC Teens

•75% of College Students who grew up in the church, will leave the faith for secular humanistic thinking and universalism. (Not Believe The Bible Or In God)

Compound #6
CONTAGIOUS Christian development:
•Excitement is contagious. “I want what you have!”
•Developing disciples.
•Energetic evangelism.
•Motivated ministries.
•Constant connections.
Compound #7
CAUSE worth living and dying for!
•Are we living for other churches besides our own?
•Are we dying to self for the cause of the Kingdom?
“We are not here to compete… but complete.”
Check Out:  For more information!

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