Tuesday December 4, 2012

One of the longest chapters in the Bible is Psalm 119. With 176 verses, this chapter’s focus is on the power of understanding the word of God. If there is anything that we as followers of Jesus can truly grasp, is that of knowing and understanding the Scriptures. Verse 1 of this chapter say’s it all, “How blessed are those whose way is blameless, Who walk in the law of the Lord”.  If there is a for sure way to be blessed by God, it comes through a blameless life that walk’s in the ways of the Lord!  It is when we begin to hunger for things of God that true spiritual blessings come. Notice what I said, it’s when we hunger for the THINGS OF GOD, and not necessarily being hungry for God’s things.

Did you catch that? Often times we would rather have God’s things rather than doing the things of God. We would rather have the blessings, the gifts, and the victory (God’s things), rather than having to go through the fire or to be put on the Potter’s wheel to be created to receive those blessings (Things of God). If we truly want to know the Lord, then God’s word must be the very thing that leads us and keeps us solid. Focus on God’s word today and set aside time to truly seek the things of God.

Focal Passage: Psalm 119:1-8


12 thoughts on “Devotionals

  1. Sammy, this is a great “snack” for my spiritual growth right off the start of the day…..I like that you give a “further study” chapter to sit and feed on when my quiet time comes around! I look forward to the followings days devotionals! Gods blessings on you and your family and continued prayers for you all as well!

  2. Thank you Pastor Sammy for the devotionals! It is a blessing to be able to log on anywhere to read and “hear” The Word. We take it for granted the freedom we have to worship. I Thank God that we can read these freely because I can see the areas in my heart/life that requires God’s cleansing and pruning, I can see where I am behind spiritually. Thank you for taking the time to post them. Love to you, Sisters Judy and Alivia!

  3. Thanks Sammy! God bless and continue to keep you and your family =) Gonna use this one, it inspired me to do a lesson for my youth on “Do you stink”? If you were a well dressed, clean person and a dirty, smelly person came to you asking for love…. would you? How many would genuinely hug them? How then is that different from us going to Christ? We have our sins… we reek of them, and Christ is pure and clean but yet we don’t get pushed away! We aren’t given a smug and a “quick hug” to move us along…. He welcomes us with our dirtyness and cleans us, he holds us and loves us. Sorry, didn’t mean to go on, just excited how I can use this to bring a message to my youth! Ok, God bless and keep the devotions coming, Bro.!

    • You didn’t miss it sister, I didn’t post one! 🙂 I will be creating an archive just in case people do miss one during the week. God bless and thanks for following!

  4. What a true blessing….. as I read your daily devotions, it’s as our Lord God is speaking to me! Many blessings to you and your family. May the Lord continue to use you as you reach out to those that need to hear HIS word. You touched our youth @ Congredo a few years ago and they continue to speak of what they learned from your teachings/preaching that evening. God Bless….

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