Ministry Projection

The 5 Smooth Stones

Ministry Focus of Sammy Lopez

* This is an overview of my projected goals for the next few years to come. I am excited for this new venture for my family and me, and believe that the timing has been orchestrated by the Lord and His infinite wisdom.


Being in the ministry for 23 years as both an evangelist and a pastor, I have learned many things both the easy way as well as the hard way. At the same time, I am still learning and desire to learn so that the kingdom of God will be advanced throughout the nations (to the Jew first). At the time of my conversion the Lord has graciously placed upon me the responsibility of walking in the gifts that He has given me as a pastor, evangelist and church planter. Thus with this in mind, I walk through the next chapter(s) of my life with five key focuses which I am calling “The 5 Smooth Stones”.

To be effective in each area, it’s going to take time, planning, networking, studying, as well as a spirit that does not flinch in times of challenge(s). So as David took “5 smooth stones” with him to fight Goliath (1 Samuel 17), I will be utilizing these 5 areas of ministry to define what the Lord has commissioned me to do.

1.) Evangelism:

My mission is to fulfill the work of an evangelist in the following ways:

a.) Through speaking both state wide and nationally

b.) A focus on “the Jew first” approach to evangelism as stated in Matthew 10

c.) Evangelism training for the church body

d.) Utilizing both internet (e.g; YouTube, Personal website and UStream), in spreading the Gospel

e.) Sermon and training downloads for iPod and/or MP3 players through iTunes

f.) Conducting city focused evangelism events

2.) Apologetics:

My mission is to train the Saint of God in giving an “answer back”. In a culture and society that is ever so shifting in her beliefs and philosophies, it is of the utmost importance that we as believers in Christ Jesus know how to give an answer back (apologetic) to those who might challenge the faith. 

a.) Personal devotion to study with the intent to earn a certificate from NAMB to be a CAI-Certified Apologetics Instructor.

b.) To conduct apologetics conferences and/or training seminars in the local church as well as other institutions (e.g; State denominations, Bible colleges, Ministries, etc)

c.) To personally disciple “hand-picked” individuals with a passion and desire for apologetics, for the purpose of sending them off to train others.

d.) To make a focal point for the local church to have bi-weekly or monthly apologetics training in their congregations for their people.

e.) For my future endeavors, to connect with a speaking circuit that would enable me to give lectures and debates at colleges and universities.

3.) Church Planting:

As the calling of church planter has been engrained in my “DNA”, my vision for planting churches will be as follows:

a.) To assist church planting pastors in developing their strategy, mission, vision and launching for their specific target area(s).

b.) To assist church planting pastors in developing their core leadership as well as leadership training for their new work.

c.) To develop a church planting project that will send me and 3 other church planters from the east coast to west coast with the purpose of starting new congregations as well as using social media avenues such as Facebook, Twitter and UStream in showing the “how-to’s” of specific areas of church planting.

d.) In time I begin another church plant wherever the Lord would lead.

4.) Congregational Revitalization:

My mission is to assist specific congregations that have found herself on “life support”, with the purpose of putting new life and vision back into the people and mission.

a.) To assist in developing a fresh vision from the Lord for the church.

b.) To assist in developing young leaders as well as reestablish older leaders to take on the project of revitalization.

c.) To make myself available to be an interim and/or supply the Sunday morning pulpit if need be.

d.) To make discipleship training and Bible study available for those who are in membership.

e.) To involve stronger congregations around the area that will want to network in a revitalization kingdom building project.

5.) Church Leadership:

My mission is to share what I know through Scripture as well as personal experience as to the conducting and order of church leadership.

a.) A focus on pastoral leadership.

b.) Elder and/or deacon leadership.

c.) Leadership ministries within the congregation.

d.) Training leaders and establishing new leaders among the congregation.

e.) Assist in developing the individual giftings of the church body.

f.) Show the strategy as well as the importance of sending out those that have specific pastoral callings in their lives.


One thought on “Ministry Projection

  1. hello pastor sammy!

    i heard from you in congreso 2010..unfortunately we didnt have the opportunity to go this past one. but i did know you were going to be sharing the message and i just wante to know if you can give me the bible scriptures from when you shared the word?

    thanks and God bless,

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