To Persuade or Not to Persuade

It’s amazing how the topic of “apologetics” has come front and center in mainstream entertainment. The movie God’s Not Dead has taken Hollywood by surprise! Since opening day of that movie, the phrase (with hashtag) “#GodsNotDead” has been blowing up in my text message inbox. It just so happened that my friends saw the movie and sent out a mass text, including me in the bundle. Yet it excites me! It excites me to know that whether you liked the movie or not, the desire to defend the faith is escalating!

These past couple of months I have had the privilege to take part as a speaker at the Un-Apologetic Conference in San Antonio, TX (with Mark Mittelberg, Mike Licona, Mary Jo Sharp, Greg Koukl and Lee Strobel) as well as the New Mexico Baptist Convention Evangelism Conference (with Sean McDowell and James Walker). What excited me was to see the amount of students that attended these events. There seems to be a growing hunger for apologetics, doctrine and theology. Students, as well as adults, are being challenged more often to defend their faith. This is why it is important to feed and train the hunger!

I am currently developing (with a team), an apologetics “training school” here in San Antonio. It is a school for the beginner and intermediate student in apologetics and evangelism. This school will allow for 3 months of training and the receiving of a certificate at the conclusion of the course. As we finalize this project I will inform you how you too can take part in this layman’s approach to apologetics either in person or online. For those who desire to continue in advanced study, we will gladly encourage those students to consider schools and universities such as Houston Baptist University, Biola University, and Liberty University, (to name a few) for deeper training and expertise.

In the meantime, make sure to click on the “Apologetics” tab on this website for information and web links to assist you in your desire and call to defend!

Until Next Time- Pastor Sammy


2 thoughts on “To Persuade or Not to Persuade

  1. This generation is HUNGRY for God! We need to keep them fed and focused! Excited to hear when this school will begin, wish I still lived in San Antonio!

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