Here We Go Again…

I know, I know, you’re probably wondering where I’ve been and why I have not posted any new blogs or new devotionals. Believe it or not I do have an explanation. Though technology is a wonderful thing, it also has a “mind” of its own. Therefore if something goes down, it all goes down.

I’ve been having some site issues and have finally been able to figure out a few things to correct them. Now I am back on and up to speed! This means that devotionals and other new “specs” will be coming up after the Thanksgiving Holiday. I do appreciate your patience as well as your emails asking me when I was coming back to earth! Well I’m back and look forward to making this site more user friendly as well as having  better interaction with you all.

I do pray you all have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday and make sure you have a slice of pumpkin pie for me! Be blessed and see you soon- Pastor Sammy


One thought on “Here We Go Again…

  1. May this season be full for you and yours as He continues to pour His Spirit and wisdom over you and your ministry. I pray for God’s divine direction as you step into different roads. May Christ already be waiting for you there Pastor Sammy — to walk you through each step for His glory. Be richly blessed this Thanksgiving and always is my constant prayer.

    Forever His,

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