Disciples Not Dummies!

As mentioned in the past, I am not a consistent blogger or a good one at that. However when there are things to be said, I try to make sure to put a few thoughts in the mix. Currently in our church we are doing a yearlong study every Wednesday evening on the topic of Apologetics. The purpose for this study is to bring both awareness of being convinced in what we as Christians believe, but also to challenge the church to overcome “Biblical Illiteracy”.

Sadly enough, the average Christian prays only 3 minutes a day.  If that doesn’t get your “hairs in a knot”, the same average Christian studies the Scriptures only 8 minutes a week! Therefore, how is it possible that we as the people of God can have day-to-day victory in Jesus if we don’t even spend time knowing Christ Himself? The Lord has called us to be disciples of His and not dummies!

Author and apologist Ravi Zacharias states that there are 20 thousand Muslim apologists that are being trained to destroy the Biblical fundamentals of Christianity and the person of Jesus Christ as the true Son of God. Their training is not only a rigorous one, but it is one that begins at the early ages of 4 to 5 years of age! By the age of 12, these children not only quote passages from the Quran but also have completely memorized the book. Yet, the average Christian only reads the living Scriptures 8 minutes a day and can’t get passed the memorization of John 3:16 and Jesus wept (and even this Scripture people don’t know where it’s found)!

If we are going to impact those around us as well as live a life that is pleasing to the One True God, we must discipline ourselves to know God and to know His Word. We must go beyond the excuse of why we don’t study and pray, and do what the apostle Paul has encouraged us to do, which is to be a “workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth”. (2 Timothy 2:15) On this site, you can go to the tab that says “Apologetics”. You will find several links that will be of great resource for you as you study to show yourself approved. Let us move forward and take greater strides to know the One who has called us His children and to fall in love with the Word He has given to us- for His words are life!


Being a Disciple and Not a Dummy- Pastor Sammy


P.S. “Disciples Not Dummies” shirt coming soon!


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