I Stand

For the past couple of years I have followed a “movement” that is making more waves now than ever before. It is a movement that has somewhat redefined an act that Scripture calls “blaspheme of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 12:31-32). This movement has encouraged students as well as people of all ages to take what is called the “Blasphemy Challenge”. Basically, it is encouraging unbelievers to video record themselves as they verbally confess that they deny the existence of the Holy Spirit, God and Jesus.

Though in context this is not necessarily true biblical blasphemy, it is however a call to unbelievers alike to stand together and to verbally confess that they do not believe in the Triune Deity. This movement has been sparked by an atheist organization called the Rational Response Squad. Throughout Youtube you can see the videos of individuals who have taken this verbal challenge. Though the challenge is verbal, the heart speaks for itself that they do not believe in an Almighty God. As a matter of fact these self-proclaimed “antitheists” and/or “nontheists” will be conducting a rally in March of 2012 called the Reason Rally. Their main purpose for this rally is the following (copied and pasted from Reason Rally website’s “About” tab):

What do you hope to achieve from this Rally? We have three main goals:

  • To encourage attendees (and those who can’t make it) to come out of the closet as an atheist, or at least a supporter of secular values.
  • To dispel stereotypes – there is no one “True Atheist” no matter what your pastor or parent may tell you.  We will have non-theists from all political persuasions, ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds.  We will show that there are atheists in every American demographic.
  • Legislative equality.  We want to show the country that atheists can run for office and adequately represent theists, just as theists in office can represent atheists proudly and openly.  We deserve a seat at the table just like theists, and we hope this rally can put our values in the radar of American voters, who may one day elect an atheist to public office.

What I find interesting is that there has been a “calling out” for atheists, skeptics, etc to come out of the closet and to make their stand. Though I am in complete disagreement with their beliefs, I cannot help but to respect their tenacity. In retrospect what I find rather encouraging is that as the unbeliever is “coming out” and becoming more vocal, the followers of Jesus are taking a stand and are not only verbalizing their belief in the Triune God but they are also uniting as the universal church! We are beginning to see how the one time “denominational line” is now being stepped over for the sake of the preaching of the Gospel. If the church wants to make a true and powerful statement, the body of Christ must unite and take a stand together!

Jesus states in John 13:35 “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” The “one another” Jesus is referring to is not the world, but His church, your brother and sister in Christ. Therefore as believers in Jesus we are living in such an awesome season. Unbelievers may not realize that making bold statements that they deny the existence of the Holy Spirit is actually sounding an alarm that will soon wake up the sleeping giant (the Church)! It’s time to take your stand and pick your side. Therefore I am presenting to each of you a challenge brought to you by the IStand Movement and Reaction Ministries. We want to challenge all students and adults to make a quick video of yourself as to why “I Stand For Jesus”. After you have made your video you can post it on the IStand Facebook Page  or my Facebook Page. In turn we will post it up on Youtube for you. Or feel free to post it on Youtube yourself if you have an account by making the subject “In Response To The Blasphemy Challenge” and/or “Re: The Blasphemy Challenge”.

Thus far there have been over hundreds of students across America that are taking the stand. I ask that you join us in this evangelistic outreach. If you are a pastor, youth director, parent or a student, I encourage you to challenge your students of your church, school friends, etc to take the IStand Challenge with you. The purpose of this challenge is to unite the body and effectively reach out to the unbeliever. We must keep in mind, that though we are taking a “stand” verbally on video, we must take an even greater stand by living a consistent lifestyle of holiness and righteous, knowing that people are watching.

I look forward to seeing your videos and am excited to connect with you as we verbally and with lifestyle declare that “I Stand for Jesus Christ”!

Hasten The Day- Pastor Sammy (2 Peter 3:12)



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