Reaction T.V.

That’s right! Our ministry Reaction will be venturing into the world of Christian television. We will be seen on Mana Vision which is a Christian station out of California. Our program will be seen to over 300 thousand homes and all over the world on internet! Mana Vision is also in the process of being picked up by Comcast Cable, and thus will be able to be seen all over the nation (Check your Comcast Cable provider for times and channels)!

Our show will be covering several things: We will discuss youth ministry, interviews with pastors, youth pastors, local and national ministries, interviews with professional athletes, actors, national recording artists, and much more! We are excited to see what the Lord is doing as well as encouraged to see what this show will mold into.

We just filmed our first episode yesterday (Thursday), which is now being edited for programing for the next week or so. If you are into media, creative writing, prop design, costume, lighting, filming, etc, and are interested in the possibilities of being an intern for Reaction T.V., email us your resume at

Finally, we at Reaction are excited and honored to have been officially made partners with God Belongs In My City! We will be the “go to” for the West Coast part of the nation for everything concerning God Belongs In My City. Also, we at God Belongs In My City (East Coast and West Coast) are in the process of making a kingdom partnership with the ministry I AM SECOND. We are definitely looking forward to seeing what the Lord is cooking up there!

As you can see the Lord is orchestrating some amazing things for Reaction and God Belongs In My City. Please be in prayer for us as our desire is to be obedient to the Lord for the purpose of ministry, kingdom building, and reaching the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Be Blessed!- Pastor Sammy



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