The Church Is Ready For Revival, But Not The Christian

It often amazes me how when the opportunities for a call for revival come front and center, that the Christian seems to miss it altogether. Personal opinions, agendas, biases and even a lack of discernment can halt what the Lord desires to do.

Here in the Great State of Texas, Governor Rick Perry called the state of Texas for a time of prayer and fasting for the purpose of calling on the Lord to bring revival and spiritual awakening to this country. The event was called “The Response”. Sadly enough, many Christians and others immediately “jumped the gun” and made their own opinions and conclusions as to why Perry would do such a thing. Some said it was a publicity stunt, while others stated that it was to promote Perry’s possible 2012 presidential run. Yet others immediately called for a separation of church and state while tooting the horn of “politics and Christianity don’t mix.”

What amazes me is how instead of looking into the fact(s) of the event with the anticipation and excitement that 50(k) plus would have the opportunity  to come together under one roof to worship, pray and cry out before the living God that revival would hit America, they immediately make brash generalizations, without knowing the insights to the event and  miss an incredible opportunity to connect with other believers in Christ due to a lack of knowledge.

I don’t know what is more sad; that a governor has to call the church to pray for revival, or that the church wouldn’t respond to
a call to prayer because it was a governor? I was not able to attend this prayer meeting in Houston but was able to watch it live on the internet. Not once did I see nor hear anyone promote a political agenda, nor promote the Perry 2012 for President Campaign (or any other candidate for that matter), nor did I see or hear anyone bad mouth this current presidential administration. What I did hear was men, women and teens cry out for personal holiness, revival, prayer against the slaughter of unborn babies, prayers for pastors, leaders, the church and the president of the United States.

Like I mentioned, I think the church is ready for revival, but not the Christian. I pray that an opportunity would come again for
the church to rise to the occasion with the opportunities that the Lord grants us, and cry out once more that America and the world would come to Christ! September 10, 2011, the city of San Antonio will have that opportunity to do so, as we anticipate thousands of people of all ages, denominations and races come together and march through downtown San Antonio and proclaim that “God Belongs In My City”. It’s time that the Christian put aside their political hang-ups, their biases and opinions and realize that we are a people that are lead by a King and that our kingdom is with God! It’s also time for the Christian to have  some spiritual discernment and recognize an opportunity for revival when they see it. The Bible tells us in Psalm 33:12 “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” Therefore how much more should we pray for this amazing country we live in?

I pray that the church would arise from her slumber, and not listen to the “elephant” in the room nor the “donkey” in the room, but listen to the Lamb that is calling His people! Was it Perry’s right to call the church to prayer? Sure it was. It is also our right  to call for prayer as Children of the Living God! Let’s make prayer our motive, revival our mission and salvation of the lost our purpose, and let’s see the church arise, God glorified, as we await His return.


One thought on “The Church Is Ready For Revival, But Not The Christian

  1. I was so blessed to hear the prayers of the older generation praying for our youth and children, passing the baton, praying for a new anointing upon them. They prayed for protection against the enemy for our youth, for wisdom, they prayed for those that God was going to call into ministry, for leaders that were going to lead the following generation in serving and loving the Lord. That was amazing….but what was more amazing was when the youth and children prayed for the older generation. They prayed thanking the Lord for the legacy they left for them. They thanked the Lord because they kept the faith and taught them the truth. One teen girl specifically prayed that the Lord grant the older generation a “good rest of their lives.” It was truly an honor to see and hear that! I was blessed to see 80 thousand people fast, pray and worship for 8 hours for the healing of a country. This is something that I have never seen in my life. It was also an encouragment to hear that other congregations across the nation were joining them by having prayer along with them. Through it all, no one, including Perry didn’t “shine”. No one shined but Christ!

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