So The Adventure Begins…

I’ve said this before and I will say it again, never say “never”.  I guess that will be my testimony for years to come!  You would think I would have known better and learned from my past statements.  You see, when I was younger, the last thing that I ever wanted to be was to be a pastor.  My father, grandfather, great-grandfather and uncles were all pastors.  Catch my drift?  I wanted to do “other” things in my life and pursue other opportunities.  So when I said the word “never”, I’m pretty sure the Lord had a good laugh and said to the angels sitting next to Him, “Watch this!”  Come to think of it, I should have said, “I will never have a beach ministry on the islands of Hawaii!”

Of course I praise the Lord that He has allowed me the greatest calling, blessing and privilege to do what He does- Shepherd.  I am honored to be called “pastor’, but even greater to be called a child of the Most High God.  Last Sunday (June 5th), my family and I had our first Sunday as pastor of Mighty Fortress Christian Fellowship.  The excitement on that day was incredible, the worship from the hearts of the people was powerful, and the vision and direction of the church was laid out as simple as possible.  What was that vision? Love God and love your neighbor.  After all, those two things are the greatest commandments given to us from our Lord.  No hype, no extravagant presentation, just  God’s word coming alive to a hungry people!

I’m looking forward to our ministry at Mighty Fortress Christian Fellowship and thank everyone for your prayers, support and encouraging words.  If you live in or around the San Antonio area and are not attending a church, come and worship with us.  Or if you happen to be in town and looking for a church to worship with while your here in beautiful San Antonio, we would love to have you as our guests.  God is doing some amazing things in this congregation.  Come and see that the Lord is good!

Never Say Never- Pastor Sammy  


7 thoughts on “So The Adventure Begins…

  1. After meeting and seeing you at SSFC for the ReAction rally i was like ” who is this guy?”… OK so then i checked out Mighty Fortress for the Breakout concert and was wowed! I had been going through some stuff and for some reason not only did KC invite me but something else called me to your Sunday service. I was a little hesitant but am up for new things. I have been looking for a church i could call home and found it that day. It was the day of the luncheon… okay okay the free food got me! I am totally kidding!!! Your message and your sense of humor is what hammered the nail in my heart with Mighty Fortress! I am a girl of laughter and needed that. I am wanting to go to BUA and since i found my home and my pastor and through Christ anything is possible. GOD FIRST!

    • Pamela! I am honored and blessed that you have found your church home with us. I am also looking forward to seeing you grow in the Lord and to make deep strides in Him! It will be an honor being your pastor and excited to see what the Lord has next! By the way, the free food thing was meant to get you! LOL Just kidding!

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