The Young and not Restless

For the past month (March) I have had the privilege and opportunity to travel and speak to over a thousand students and adults around the state of Texas. So far we have had seen 115 students give their lives to Christ, 90 rededicated lives to the Lord and 25 students surrender to the ministry! It has been a blessing to say the least.

One of the most amazing things that I have been seeing in my travels is the calling of the young. When I say young I’m not talking about 12, 13 years young. I’m talking about 5-8 year old young. During spring break weekend, I spoke at an event called “Break Out” that was sponsored by a Baptist congregation as they met for services in the building of a United Methodist church. During one of the sermons, as I gave an invitation, the first person to get out of their seats to come forward was an 8 year old boy. With big tears in his eyes, he gave his heart to Jesus! Last week while speaking at a Disciple Now Conference in El Paso, TX, I gave an invitation for students to surrender their lives to ministry (evangelism, missionary, pastor, youth ministry, music ministry). The first student to walk forward was a 5 year old boy named Daniel. He said that “God was calling him to be a preacher.” It was an absolute blessing to see this!

I truly beleive that the Spirit of God is moving in people of all ages, and especially amongst the younger generation. I encourage every pastor and parent to be discerning as to the movement of God’s Spirit upon your child and/or students. We must be careful to not be like Eli and tell Samuel to “go back to sleep” until realizing that it is God who is calling. The Lord is raising up some amazing students of all ages to fulfill the plan that the Lord has prepared for them “beforehand” (Ephesians 2:10)! Who knows, you may have the next “Billy Graham” among you, or the next Corrie Ten Boom, or Charles Spurgeon!  Discipleship and discernment will allow this idea to become a reality in the lives of our kids.

Raising A Generation For Christ- Pastor Sammy


5 thoughts on “The Young and not Restless

  1. It’s always encouraging to see children come to the Lord. Statistics are now showing that if young people don’t make a focused commitment to accept Christ as Lord and Savior by the age of 14, the chances are slim that they will ever come to the Lord. Thanks for committing your life to bringing truth and love to our kids this past weekend. May God continue to bless your walk.

  2. The word that God gave you for the youth at DNow in El Paso, has ignited the lives of our youth @NorthPoint Church. Several of the youth felt conviction when you asked them to measure their spiritual life from 0 to 10, then realized 0 to 9 meant NOTHING in the eyes of God. They continue to re-live those words to this date and to examine their spiritual lives. We have a 15yr.old young man who had accepted Christ 2yrs. ago, he was not ready to let go of his goth appearance, that day he could not stop crying. He told us even though he had been baptized he realized he didn’t know Jesus because his outward life had not changed. He has since let go of goth and is holding on to God.
    thanks for bringing God’s word, it continues to burn in our hearts.

    • Thank you Rob! I’m blessed that you were blessed! You can check out my speaking schedule on the front page of my website. If you are around the area, I would love to have you come worship with us! Blessings bro!

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