God Belongs In My City

It all started with 2 teenage boys who had a passion to make a statement in the city of New York. This passion and vision is now becoming a movement! 5 cities later, it’s coming to San Antonio, TX! Mark in your calendars May 21, 2011. Let your churches know, your student ministries know, your ministries know what is coming to the Alamo City.

The motive is to “reconnect the church” by marching side-by-side in the city of San Antonio as we pray over the city, her leaders, and the church. You do not want to miss this amazing city-wide event that will shake the very hinges of San Antonio and cause revival in the body of Christ. So if you belong to a Bible believing evangelical congregation, come and unite with your brothers and sister in San Antonio.

For more information go to www.godbelongsinmycity.com , or if you would like to be added to our mass email list and data base, please send us your (name, the name of your church, your phone number, churches phone number, website, Facebook page, etc ) to reaction.sanantonio@gmail.com . We will also send you a promotional package with fliers, posters and promotional video that you can begin showing to your church on Sunday’s. Let’s get excited about this awesome opportunity that’s coming to our city!

If you would like to have a “God Belongs In My City” march in your city/town, please go to the website above for more information.

Bringing Jesus To A Lost World- Pastor Sammy


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