It’s Time For “reACTION”!

Last night (February 10, 2011) we had an amazing meeting with several pastors and student ministers from in and around the San Antonio area. The purpose? To call for “reACTION”! What’s “reACTION” you might ask? reACTION is the “reConnected Church reacting and responding to the current and former conditions of the Church with a sense of urgency and responsibility”.

As society and culture shifts and changes, the Body of Christ must reAct. However, we are not called to be Lone Rangers on the mission. We were called to connect and do it together (Acts 4:31-34). There can be no selfish ambition, no personal’s kingdom purpose. Thus the heart of “reACTION”.

There are 7 Compounds in which reACTION will focus its efforts:

Compound #1: Coalition-of Church and student ministries in and around San Antonio

Compound #2: Conviction-of ministries working together for a common purpose

Compound #3: Collaboration-of efforts in actively pursuing kingdom building projects among churches

Compound #4: Conjunction-of talents, creativity, innovation, gifts, skills, and passion

Compound #5: Crossroads-a response to a spiritual “crossroads”

Compound #6: Contagious-Christian development

Compound #7: Cause-worth living and dying for 

To sum it up, its working together as a body to enhance each others ministry, impact each others lives, and supporting each others programs. It’s a call to lock arms as the Body of Christ! So how do we do this? What do we do next? First it’s connecting with the reACTION Team and putting you down as a reACTION Congregation. Second, you will be connected to a data base of other reACTION churches, so that you can begin connecting!

Intentional networking, intentional relationship building, intentional meetings and fellowships, strategic round tables amongst pastors, student ministers, and worship leaders. It’s access to leadership training for you and your staff, as you train and learn from each other! We must ask ourselves these questions: Are we willing to live for other churches besides our own? Are we dying to self for the cause of the Kingdom? In other words, I may not be a member on record at your congregation, but I am a member of your church!

It’s time for reACTION! We will begin our first major project in San Antonio this year. Mark in your calendars May 21, 2011. This will be the event of all events that will hit the city of San Antonio, it’s called God Belongs In My City. Started by 2 teenage students in New York and adopted by over thousands of Christians as well as 5 cities in the United States, San Antonio will be the 6th city to march and proclaim that God Belongs here! Before the May 21st event, we will be conducting “reACTION Rally’s” across the city of San Antonio, getting the churches excited as to what’s to come. If you would like more information about this project you can go to

Finally, if you are interested in connecting with “reACTION”, please email us at Let us know that you want to be added to the data base so that we can send you emails and updates as to our next meetings and events. If you have an event that you would like for the Body to promote and/or assist, let us know so that we can advise everyone in the reACTION Network. Also, if you are interested in hosting a reACTION Rally at your church, please drop us a line.

If you are not in the city of San Antonio but would like to begin a reACTION Network in your city and/or would like to conduct a God Belongs In My City event, please drop us an email and we’ll connect to make it happen.

I’m excited as to what the Lord is doing here in San Antonio and pray you will take part in this mighty connection of the Kingdom! As Peter DeJesus (Student Pastor Cornerstone, SA) states “We are not here to compete, we are here to complete”!

Let’s reACT- Pastor Sammy

reACTION TEAM- Sammy Lopez, Lucas Barrientes, Adam Torres, Alejandra Cervantes, Jonathan Sosa


5 thoughts on “It’s Time For “reACTION”!

    • Great question. Churches can work together by supporting each others events, promoting each others ministries, fellowships and networking and providing opportunities to worship together. Again, these are just some ideas that congregations can do together. Be creative and see what God does!

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