The 5 Goals (Part III)

As the Lord continues to shape as well as “re-shape” my ministry, I am humbled at the fact that He allows me to do what I do. (And even what I do is not a whole lot!) While in the preparations of moving from Houston to San Antonio, the Lord has for about a couple of years been cultivating and igniting my heart for new things. Not necessarily new things that have never been done before, but new things that I have never done before.

As I am convinced that the Lord has called me to be an evangelist, pastor and church planter, I am becoming more convinced each day that He is launching me out onto new waters in the area of “Church Revitalization”. Revitalization is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “imbue (something) with new life and vitality”.  As pastor William T. Chaney Jr states, “Church revitalization is a special calling with a peculiar gift set.  Honoring the past, while disrupting the present, to create a different vision for the future….”

When I consider church revitalization, it’s like being sent to not only recharge a dying and/or struggling congregation, but it’s also being used of the Holy Spirit to do what only He can do which is to resurrect the body back to life! What an awesome and yet nerve-racking responsibility. Yet, I see how the Lord is raising men and women alike to endeavour in this special area of congregational importance.

With this in mind, how would one accomplish the task of revitalization? Here are a few thoughts:

The mission is to assist specific congregations that have found herself on “life support”, with the purpose of putting new life and vision back into the people and mission.

a.) To assist in developing a fresh vision from the Lord for the church.

b.) To assist in developing young leaders as well as reestablish older leaders to take on the project of revitalization.

c.) To make discipleship training and Bible study available for those who are in membership.

e.) To involve stronger established congregations around the area to take part in this kingdom building project.

d.) To glorify God with excellence.

I am sure you can think of other important issues that must take heed when revitalizing a congregation, I just wanted to give you some preliminary thought(s) as to what the goals would need to be as to the “if” and “when” the Lord would ever call you to accomplish such a task.

As my family and I are in prayer and waiting, I ask that you pray with us and for us as we lean towards this area of ministry. At the same time, if this has been your heart and calling, and you are looking for a place to serve and make an impact in the kingdom, leave me a personal message with your information and let’s connect for kingdoms sake!

Revitalizing the Church- Pastor Sammy


5 thoughts on “The 5 Goals (Part III)

  1. Pastor Sam-
    Wow a blessing. Want to share a little story with you. Last week, as I was looking for a DVD for Evelyn. I ran across an old DVD of your sermons titiled NOT ON THE JOURNEY JAN, 06. what a sermon the Lord place in your heart. As I watched it I was very humbled ,convicted, and blessed.On my Journey right now God continues to humble me and guide me in his direction. This sermon is for a church that needs encouraging I loved it. If you want the copy just get with me and I will send it to you.


    • Brother Jesse!

      Great hearing from you bro. I pray all is well with you and the family. Yes I would love a copy of that sermon. Call me when you can and I will give you my new address. God bless you bro and run the race!

  2. First of all, all praise and glory belongs to our heavenly Father God.
    I am glad to have run into your website/blog. I was curious to know the meaning of Baruch Hashem Adonai and your site caught my attention. Specifically to know more about my family roots. Well, at the beginning of your introduction I saw a word which caught me by surprise and it was “Ladino”. I cried for a while for I have seen this word in my mother and father’s birth certificate and went on to see the genealogy list posted on your website. Both of their last names were listed. I know my mother’s father was from Israel, but wasn’t sure about my father. Now I know where my blood line comes from and feel doubled blessed with this finding. All praise and glory to our heavenly father, for He is the author of all creation. Going foward with my message, I have always felt different from the rest of the world. Somehow I knew there was something different about me, but did not know exactly what it was. I can’t find words to describe the love and affection I have for the Lord. I have so much to say, but there is not enough space to say all things that I have experienced in this life’s journey the Lord has done for my family.
    Thank you and may the Lord continue blessing you through the ministry He has bestowed upon you.
    Elizabeth Hicks

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