The 5 Goals (Part II)

As mentioned in “Part I”, there are 5 goals that the Lord has placed upon my heart that I want to carry out to enhance and build the body of Christ. Hence, second part of these goals is in the area of Apologetics.

Pastor Peter in 1 Peter 3:15 exhorts us as believers in Christ to do and live out the following mission: “But sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence”.  When Peter uses the word “defense”, he chooses a word in the Greek that means “apologia”, which means to give a word back. This is where we get the word “Apologetics”- to defend the faith!

In a culture and society that is ever so shifting in her beliefs and philosophies, it is of the utmost importance that we as believers in Christ Jesus know how to give an answer back (apologetic) to those who might challenge your faith. Whether it be atheists, agnostics, Buddhist, Hindus, etc, we must give the truth to those who seek truth.

Apologetics and the study of God’s word has become an enormous passion of mine. The greatest challenge of apologetics is not necessarily to show and prove to others that God is real, but to show and prove to yourself that the God that you are proclaiming is indeed true, real and alive! My greatest challenge has been myself. I didn’t realize how “boneheaded” I really am!

I took a personal challenge to gather up everything that I know doctrinally, theologically, politically, philosophically and denominationally and put it to the side and to make an in-depth study through the Scriptures as to why I believe what I believe. I am still in the hunt and the obtaining of truth. To my surprise, I was wrong on a few things. Even to admit this is humbling!

However, one thing I know for sure is that when the Bible tells us that God’s word is sharper than any double-edged sword, believe me, its sharper than any double-edged sword! If you seek the truth as a student and allow to be corrected as a child, the Holy Spirit will guide you and show you absolute truth. Remember you cannot be a student of apologetics and not be teachable.

I have found that the key to apologetics is not the sharp and witty “comebacks” or the statements to put the opponent in a corner, but to share truth in Christ’s love for the purpose of that individual to come to acknowledge that Jesus is Lord and in turn trust in Him as Savior and King!

With that being said, my mission is to train the Saint of God in giving an “answer back”.  Allow me to give 5 ways I intend to do just that:

a.) A personal devotion to study with the intent to earn a certificate from NAMB to be a CAI-Certified Apologetics Instructor.

b.) To conduct apologetics conferences and/or training seminars in the local church as well as other institutions (e.g; State denominations, Bible colleges, Ministries, etc)

c.) To personally disciple “hand-picked” individuals who have a passion and desire for apologetics, for the purpose of sending them off to train others.

d.) To make a focal point for the local church to have bi-weekly or monthly apologetics training in their congregations for their people.

e.) For my future endeavors, to connect with a speaking circuit that would enable me to give lectures and debates at colleges and universities.  

If you are interested in apologetics and/or are currently a student in apologetics/discipleship ministry, please contact me by leaving a comment on this post. I will not give your information out. For further study you can click on the “Apologetics” tab above and take a look at several of the links I posted.

I pray that you will find yourself a student of the word of God so that you may be adequately equipped to fulfill the mission that the Lord has placed before us.

Until Part 3- Pastor Sammy


3 thoughts on “The 5 Goals (Part II)

  1. Pastor Sam-
    Just by reading this part reminds me of where I been as a Christian and where I stand today. Every day that goes by I pray that The lords make it easier to share my faith with those who are seeking,And he has. The more I grow .The more I share. The best way I found is just being myself rather it be at church or at work. Being equiped to give an answer is important. How I give the answer is key. With guidance from the Holy Sprit, clear mind, sincere faith is how I defend the Gods word, and give an answer. For example: I asked A freind who dosen’t attend A church. What turned him off about Christians. He mentioned some common excuses. But what got me is when he said” Christians always refer to guys like me as lost. Even to my face. He then mentioned every time I do feel like opening a bible or searching for myself I get upset discouraged cause teachers and pastors consider me as lost.” After we talked I went home and really thought about what he said; and even when i first got saved. I mean I get a little unhappy when my wife tells me i’m lost but I remember my salvation Pastor Hugo demonstrated love and sincerity to me, and hearing the Gospel preached by you. So by Gods word and love by his people save me. So I leave with this bro. I really enjoy your blogs and look forward to the next! God Bless

    • God bless you back brother Jesse! I praise God that you are growing in His word and Spirit and that your heart is to serve and please Him. Stay strong my brother and know that the plans of the Lord are amazingly evident in your life!

  2. I went to my first D-NOW this weekend and it was amazing! One of my friends told me about the one on the 27th and I am definitely interested in being a part of that. If you need extra leaders please let me know.

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