The 5 Goals (Part 1)

Being in the ministry for 19 years as both an evangelist and a pastor, I have learned many things both the easy way as well as the hard way. At the same time, I am still learning and desire to learn so that the kingdom of God will be advanced throughout the nations (to the Jew first). At the time of my conversion the Lord has graciously placed upon me the responsibility of walking in the gifts that He has given me as a pastor, evangelist and church planter. Thus with this in mind, I walk through the next chapter(s) of my life with five key focuses which I am calling “The 5 Smooth Stones”. 

To be effective in each area, it’s going to take time, planning, networking, studying, as well as a spirit that does not flinch in times of challenge(s). So as David took “5 smooth stones” with him to fight Goliath (1 Samuel 17), I will be utilizing these 5 areas of ministry to define what the Lord has commissioned me to do.


The Lord has called every Saint of God to “do the work of an evangelist”. Often times we interpret that by saying “evangelism is for those who are specifically called to do that ministry.” We need to be reminded that if we are called of God as His children, then we are also called to do the work of an evangelist! For those who know me know that evangelism has been my passion. I am both a pastor/evangelist. However, the fires of evangelism with a focused goal has taken me aside from the pastorate for a moment to concentrate on my evangelistic ministry.

People have asked me what my steps are in developing an effective and growing evangelistic ministry. Sadly enough, when people hear the term “evangelistic ministry”, they often cringe with the idea in their minds that it is nothing but a “televangelist, clean-cut, big glasses, thick tie, white shoes and pleading for money” kind of ministry. Funny enough that could be further from the truth. Being called by God to step out on faith to preach to “Nineveh” is no easy task! Rejection, scrutiny, debates, belittling, demeaning and the such are common ground when it comes to evangelism. And I’m not talking about the world here, I’m talking about the church!

Yet this is the call the Lord has given to my family and I. Thus I’ll take it and run with it! With this in mind here are a few areas that I am cultivating and enlarging when it comes to my evangelistic ministry (in no specific order):

1.) State wide and national travel in speaking at local church revivals, conferences, special events, conventions, etc.

2.) A focus on the “Jew First”  approach to evangelism as stated in Matthew 10 (see my blog post “To the Jew First”).

3.) Evangelism training for the church body.

4.) Sermon and training downloads for iPod and/or MP3 players through iTunes.

5.) Conducting city focused evangelism events, i.e, SPAMARAMA

6.) Apologetics (I will be discuss this further in “part 2” of this blog post)

I do ask that you please keep my family and I in prayer as we play a small role in such an enormous kingdom task!

Until next post- Pastor Sammy


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