Behind Door Number 1

Just last Sunday (November 7), I moved from Houston to San Antonio after 8 years as pastor and founder of the Fellowship Church of Houston. Three years ago I knew the Lord was already dealing with my wife and I as to our longevity of ministry in Houston and as a pastor. However I just didn’t know what the specifics were as to what the Lord wanted us to do. I felt like I was “stuck” in an arena of the unknown. Not stuck in the pastorate or with a church body that I have been with for 8 years, but stuck in a ministerial purgatory not knowing which direction I would go.

In the process of playing the “waiting game”, the Lord began to instill vision, goals and “light” at the end of the tunnel. I begin to read stories of other pastors who have found themselves in the sort of cross roads as I have found myself. Yet finding comfort in knowing that I’m not the only one. Men of God such as Francis Chan who left a thriving mega church to step out on faith to fulfill missions work abroad and nationally. It was not only this story but other stories of like substance that challenged me to take an introspection as to what exactly the Lord wanted me to do for His glory.

As time passed earlier this year, the Lord’s plan became a little more clearer. As I launched a busy traveling schedule in Texas and around the nation, a fervor and excitement began to bubble over. I had the honor and privilege of seeing hundreds of salvations, family reconciliation, and the young and old surrender to the gospel ministry. It was the fires of evangelism and the passion for apologetics that became the vision and goal! It was these elements that my heart began to beat strong for. Thus I knew that in moments my direction in ministry would soon change.

In the beginning of October I knew that I would have to make a godly choice by surrendering to what the Lord had planned for my family and I. There were no options, there were no doors numbers “1, 2, and 3′, just 1 door, 1 mission, 1 goal! So we took it and moved to San Antonio to launch what the Lord had planned for us. We are excited and overwhelmed with anticipation. While there is a bitter-sweet emotion of leaving a church I pastored for 8 years, there is also a fear and humbling emotion that brings you to realize that you are in the center of God’s will.

With that being said, for the next week or so I am going to be blogging as to the 5 goals that the Lord has placed upon my heart to accomplish. I am very excited as to how its going to launch as well as the networking with other men and ministries that are doing the same thing. I am ready to learn, be taught and take on a task that the Lord has prepared for me. As members of the blood bought church, we all have a purpose for the kingdom, and I encourage you to look what’s behind your “Door Number 1” and see what the Lord has. When you see it, don’t hide, do it!

Until Next Time- Pastor Sammy


3 thoughts on “Behind Door Number 1

      • Hermano, I will be praying for you, I hope you will assist in a church somewhere in the barrio, us pastores need help and I just get heart broken when our best and brightest hispanic men and women go to big better off churches when our people need help.

        God bless Pastor.

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