To The Jew First

There comes a time when a true theological and doctrinal challenge is placed in front of you. Well, this is one of those times. I was presented what I believe is one of the strongest presentations of what the true “Great Commission” is. We have been taught that the Great Commission is found in Matthew 28:19-20. As a matter of fact, not only have I personally quoted this passage by memory, I have also preached and challenged the listener as to the utmost importance of following this great passage of Scripture.

Dr. Rudy Gonzalez, dean of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in San Antonio (also my uncle) has taken the challenge of the Great Commission by taking an indepth look at what Jesus stated to His disciples and has come to the conclusion that Matthew 28:19-20 is indeed NOT the Great Commission! He states that the “Great Commission” is actually found in Matthew 10. I’m sure by now your mind and thoughts are running pretty fast. If they are, you must read his presentation by clicking on the following links below.

This thesis is by no means an “easy” read. It’s not one that would be a good “before bedtime” kind of overview. In fact, it is one that you will have to truly study and struggle over. If you are a student and a laborer of God’s word, than this will be for you. If you are an evangelist, this is also for you. After reading this thesis by Dr. Gonzalez, I would love to get your feedback.

Trust me, this will not only theologically challenge you but will make you see the Great Commission a whole lot differently. Not in a bad way, but in a biblical way! 

Be blessed- Pastor Sammy

To The Jew First Pt 1

To The Jew First Pt 2


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