God Belongs In My City

Can you envision over thousands people of all ages, colors and denominations gathering together with one mind, one motive to fulfill one purpose? No Christian “celebrities”, no personal ministry agendas, no one congregation promoting themselves, just the family of God!

Now, can you can envision over thousands of Christians marching from one side of their city to the other side of their city marching and declaring that- “GOD BELONGS IN MY CITY”! The only agenda is to uplift the One God, One Son, One Spirit and let our cities, mayor, city council, residents know that God is the Lord!

As this ministry states: “There is a call to fearlessly rise up as one and not collapse under the waves of this world. We are commissioned to carry forth the Gospel of Salvation! WHAT IF WE ACT NOW? God Belongs In My City is our declaration of Faith. As Christ came and changed the world, we as Christians ought to impact our city now.”

As this country finds herself in some crazy “changes” and what seems to be a nation without “hope”, true Hope and Change comes when Christ is uplifted and the gospel penetrates the heart of men! Therefore, if you are interested in being part of this incredible movement, and/or would like to conduct a “God Belongs In My City” march in your specific area click here for more information as well as follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s see America come back to “In God We Trust!”- Pastor Sammy


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