“Your Sons and Daughters Will Prophesy”

As pastor Peter addresses the people during the day of Pentecost, he reiterates and quotes the passage in Joel 2 that says, “And it shall be in the last days, God says, that I will pour forth of My Spirit on all mankind; and your sons and daughters will prophesy, and your young men will see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams” Acts 2:17.

What a powerful passage of Scripture! He’s saying that the calling of God upon the young will not be uncommon. Sons and daughters will prophesy, as well as young men seeing visions. However, we must put into context as to what Joel and Peter meant by the word “Prophesy”. The word “Prophesy” is the Greek word “Propheteuo” which means to speak, to teach, to admonish and to reprove. Prophesying in this context is not necessarily “forthtelling” as to what’s going to happen, as much as it means to speak and to teach as to what God is saying now in His word. We are living in some exciting times. It never ceases to amaze as to what the Lord is doing upon the teens in this nation. I have the privilege of traveling nationally and speaking to thousands of students each year. However, this year has been one of the greatest movements of students surrendering to ministry than I have seen in quite a long time! I had the honor of seeing over 100 students surrender to the ministry at the New York Baptist Youth Evangelism Conference, and just this past week I had the honor to see over 500 students surrender to ministry at the Texas Baptist Youth Congreso.

If this is what Joel and Peter were talking about, then we are truly blessed to live in a time to see that Scripture continues to be relevant today! The Lord is without a doubt calling out some teenage “headhunters” that are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! These teens are giving of their lives at a young age to enter the mission field, even with the thought that they would be martyrs. They are giving of their lives to youth ministry with the desire to disciple the next generation. They are giving of their lives to the area of worship leader, as they put aside being concert artists and becoming true leaders of worship! They are also giving of their lives to the area of the pastorate, as they prepare themselves to lead and undershepherd the flock of Christ. I can see the fire in their eyes and their passion for God! I pray that the teens and college students of this era will lead the charge for the next “Great Awakening Revival” of our time. Let them “Prophesy”!

Until Next Time- Pastor Sammy


2 thoughts on ““Your Sons and Daughters Will Prophesy”

  1. Brother Sammy, it was amazing to see so many worship leaders, not just people who wanted to be on a worship team but worship leaders. Looks like this generation of young people are coming back to the heart of worship. Praise God for great things he has done and will do through the lives of teens that were touched by The Word at Congreso.

    Blessing to you and your family Pastor Sammy,


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