The Fool Says……

Two years ago I had the privilege of meeting one of the coolest ladies around. I use the word “cool” because that’s who she was. She had a laid back persona with a spunk and wit about her that was appreciated by those who knew her. Before I became her pastor she was a professed agnostic. She did not beleive in the Lord or consider Him to be real in any way. After attending one of our services at the Fellowship Church of Houston, she came up to me and was urgent to speak with me. That afternoon I sat down with her and another lady in our congregation as she began to drill me with questions about the existence of God, as well as the parallel between, in her words, “the mean God of the Old Testament vs. the nice God in the New Testament. After talking about God’s grace, attributes, consistency, and love, it was like a lightbulb turned on in her brain and she shouted out, “I get it! For the first time I get it!” That afternoon I had the privilege to see her confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and a few weeks later baptize her and her son who has down syndrome.

I share this story with a bitter sweet heart. For this woman who was once lost as an agnostic was found by the one True God, and as of Tuesday morning she is now in the presence of the One whom she once did not believe. Tomorrow evening (Friday) I will have the honor to preach her funeral service before her family who has also claimed to be agnostic. I’m going to preach her story about the true God in whom she confessed as King and give the salvation story about a Jesus who died for agnostics!

Preaching Jesus as King- Pastor Sammy


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