What Happens When You Wage War?

If you’re a history buff like me, war stories are always a great read! I love to read about the Civil War, Vietnam, both World Wars and other amazing war facts. What fascinates most about war is not necessarily the war itself as much as how each commander declares war. When declaring war, it’s not like calling a classmate out to fight after school because he looked at you wrong or because he said something about your momma! When a commander/leader of a country declares war it’s because he studied, strategized and thus put his attack into action. He does not put his troops in harms way if he thought they couldn’t be victorious. If he declared war in ignorance, without planning, without preparation, without a concise strategy, they would be assured that victory would not be theirs!

In the same way, when a Christian finds himself declaring war on evil, he must not declare anything in ignorance or without a biblical plan of attack. Satan has been in the supernatural war longer then we have. He knows how to fight, strategize, plan and even use the Scriptures against you. As A.W. Tozer once said, “The devil knows more Scripture than any of us, and is still indeed a devil. ” The past week or so I found myself for the first time in a long time declaring a “war” on my flesh. I have stated this claim every day in my heart. I even put this on Twitter and Facebook a couple of times. It goes something like this: “I will not allow my mind, mouth and motive hijack my flesh. I do not intend to lose! MakeWar!” At the offset of reading such a challenge, it motivates and can get us pumped up to fight the daily battle of flesh vs spirit as spoken in Galatians 5. Yet I have found myself after such declaration to be involved in a war that I didn’t expect to be so strong. I knew that to “MakeWar” with my flesh was necessary as what we should all do on a daily basis, but to declare the war on my flesh was like saying “yo momma” to a kid in class! My flesh and my mind took my spiritual declaration personally and came “head on” without hesitation. Talk about a full on “back of the bleachers” slap fest! I have come to a conclusion that a street fight is much easier than a spiritual fight. You might ask in which way? When I was in the world and I would get into fights, a fight would last 3 minutes or 5 minutes tops. Yet a spiritual battle could last for days, weeks, months or years! Satan wants nothing more but to take my mind for a “ride” so that my spiritual man will suffer under the pressure of demonic temptation. As the Apostle Paul said, “I must buffet my body..” The key to a battle won and a war to cease is when our minds are in submission to the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. All it takes for a major defeat is to give the devil an inch and he’ll take a yard. Don’t give him what God wants to Lord over! Fight the good fight, finish the course and don’t fear when war must be declared. For truly, greater is He who is in you!

Before the fight, you must prepare your mind, heart, mouth, motive and purpose so that the enemy has not a weapon to use against you. His weapons are nothing new, he has used them since the beginning with Adam and Eve and he still uses them to this day. Lust, greed, anger jealousy, love of money, fame, adultery, power, and the list goes on. But Jesus has come so that we might have life! True life is found when we desire to know Him through His Word. Read His Word, study His Word, live His Word, for in it we receive the weapons of our battle! In conclusion, do I regret declaring war? By no means! Will I win? You better believe it! The battle has already been won, now I’m learning how to walk amongst darkness and temptation while holding the garment of my Master!

Overcoming By the Blood of Jesus- Pastor Sammy


2 thoughts on “What Happens When You Wage War?

  1. Great post pastor Sam! I like the spiritual and physical parallels of making war on the body. First the spiritual as it relates to the physical and vise versa.

    “‘I subject my body, make it my slave.’ Why? ‘Because, I have this fear, that after I have preached to others, that I myself should be ‘adokimos,’ in the Greek, disqualified.’ And the word literally means, to have been tested and tried and found inadequate. Paul says, ‘My great fear is after I have preached to others, that I myself should be disqualified.'” ~MacArthur on 1 Corinthians 9:27

    Also as Piper talks about on that one sermon jam that goes hard, “Make War!”… Against laziness, sugar, caffeine, chocolate, pornography, television or whatever you find yourself hooked on that is not good for body and spirit.

    I love the point you made also, “…when a Christian finds himself declaring war on evil, he must not declare anything in ignorance or without a biblical plan of attack.”

    Thank you for posting this, really blessed me. Seeking the Lord in prayer in this time of war.


  2. Pastor Sam,
    I thank God because He has used you so much to bless my life. For so long I’ve known the stories, read the verses, and have heard the sermons. I can honestly say that this year I have allowed God to truly speak directly to me in a way that I see it all unfold. I have learned that being faithful to Him and staying in His word, which is one thing I lacked for a long time, has been such a blessing in my life. I find myself not only being blessed, but blessing others with what God has to offer. I just want to say thanks for taking that extra time to create these small teachings so that we can learn from them. God will honor you for all that you do.

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