To Be Absent From The Body

2 Corinthians 5:8 “we are of good courage, I say, and prefer rather to be absent from the body and to be at home with the Lord.”

Right about now in my life, this Scripture has become more evident than ever. The month of October has been one of death and yet life has been the ruler! This past month I have seen the deaths of men of God. Being that of pastor Jerry Salinas of Mighty Fortress Church in San Antonio,TX and minister Art Gomez from New Life Baptist Church in Garland,TX. On October the 17th, my friend Juan James (aka “Enock”) from the Christian Hip-Hop group Cross Movement went to be with the Lord at such a young age. Yet, through these deaths of both young and old, the facts still remain, to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord! I would “rack” my brain if I tried to consider and understand the will of God at this specific time in my life. You see, all 3 men were not just men who I was acquainted with, these were men that made an impact in my life in one way or another. For example; I knew pastor Jerry before I was married and had the privilege of ministering with him the past 10 years as I spoke at his church or the times when our families would make it a tradition to go eat at Texas Roadhouse whenever we were in town. Brother Art Gomez was like a 2nd father to my wife Judy. My wife grew up with his kids and developed a strong relationship with them. Juan James was a member of my church and through the years I have had the privilege of discipling him. Yet in those times we developed a great friendship. These were not just men, they were men that impacted lives around them.

As I sit and ponder the plans of God, I have come to the conclusion that yes, we are “but dust” and tomorrow is not promised us. Therefore, how than shall we live? Should we live life to its fullest since we only live once? Or should we be strategic in our lives because as Christians we don’t live once, we get to live twice! Live strategic! The way we live today, affects our tomorrow. Make sure that your life has eternal value and purpose as opposed to being  just “today’s news”. You were made for a purpose and bought with a price, therefore glorify God with your life. Because one day, when your body lays in the casket, will your life be able to preach your own funeral? The blessing through it all, is when our spirit leaves our bodies, in the presence of the Lord we shall be. Therefore, comfort one another with these words.

Pastor Sammy


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